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Mules Spain

Mission Statement

Our Aims Are Non Profit Motivated

The Muleman Say’s

With the decline in agricultural practices, the number of mules and donkeys in Andalucia, Southern Spain, has been dramatically reduced. Thousands of Horses, Mules and Donkeys are slaughtered every year for human and animal consumption. We believe this is a disgraceful state of affaires. We need to educate people to understand that the majority of these animals are perfectly fit and able to work. To slaughter a perfectly useful animal is insane.

Get motivated and start a new and worthwhile hobby.

All these animals ask of us is our gentle appreciation of them. Some have had harsh treatment and need more patience and work before they will trust us. But generally speaking even they respond well to kindness. We hope to encourage and enable you to use your back yard, land and give them a new home. Slow your own pace down and learn to saddle and ride your mule and donkey around the country lanes and tracks of Spain and the rest of Europe. Go camping with your family and friends, but take the mule, horse, or donkey, and NOT the car! Many are doing it now!

At one time we kept 25 stock animals and had around another 75 available to us. These days we only deal in the one off for each client. Together we decide what you need and we go out a find it for you/with you!

These days I am semi retired, but it is my passion to introduce as many people as possible to the hobby side of keeping mule, donkeys and some types of horses.

We can also introduce you to riding no matter what your age and/or disability! If we can find a way of keeping you in the saddle you can ride! If you have always wanted to own an animal and/or ride, but never had the confidence we CAN help you at Start your new life with some of nature true wonders, Donkeys, Mules, and some types of horse!

We ARE NOT a riding stable or school. Neither do we have a swanky villa. We live in a traditional white painted Andalucian country house. We have a small cottage for guests that sleep two. There is a stable and coral for our animals, and one or two visiting animals. Here we use Western saddles as they provide plenty to hold on to for a beginner and those with less confidence. We have some fine riders and teachers in the area. If you like what you learn from us we can introduce you to local folks who can teach you English and Vaquero (Spanish Styles) of riding.

If you wish to buy a mule or donkey we have 10 years of choosing and selling mules suitable for less confident riders. We can help you find an animal suitable to your needs and teach you all the basics of animal husbandry. So let us match you and your Ride to Pride. My name is Albert, I am the Muleman and, along with my wife Pat and daughters Kate and Rachel, we look forward to enjoying your company!

Phobias / Fears

We can help you with your Animal and Horse Phobias (qualified psychologist on site).

Being Practical

Carriage Driving (NEW), Ploughing, Packing (cargo & camping gear onto a mule or donkey). Also Log Pulling. We use Western safe Riding of Mules & Donkeys. For the experienced rider we have experienced animals, and for those who cannot ride we have animals that have never been ridden! Joke!

The majority of mules here in Spain have been working as pack animals and well used to being handled! I have never had any trouble converting a Pack mule to a Saddle mule. Their gentle nature and high level of intelligence makes them easy to train. It just takes time! Anyone, no matter what their age, can learn to ride a mule for pleasure, and / or use it for land clearing, harvesting fruit or firewood.

Generally Mules are easier and cheaper to keep than many breeds of horse. They will meet you at the gate and follow you like a puppy. For the ecologist working the land, these mules make perfect sense. My e-mail is When you contact us, send me a list of all your questions.

Once you have purchased your mule or donkey from us we do not give up on you. We will continue to support you through our Web & internet

Take a deep seat and make the most of life. Muleman


In the summer of 2007 we were very proud to be able to invite our friend Fernando Rolim to join us in Spain. Fernando has developed a wonderfully gentle and humane training product all of his own. He first started with Monty Roberts long before Monty’s name was famous. Since then Fernando has worked with more than twelve of the world’s most renowned Mule and Horse trainers/Clinicians. He has taken what he feels is the best from each of these people and evolved a truly eclectic style of training and re- training horses and mules. I was proud to introduce him to some people who were new to mules in this region, also to many who them selves teach riding as a profession. They were all clearly impressed at the success of the humane systems he uses. Look for the link to Fernando Rolim’s site. This man is going to the top of his profession. A true Horse Whisperer, a wonderful Muleman!